Parish Information

Our school is situated within the parish of Our Lady's Lillington, a small parish on the outskirts of Leamington Spa, serving the Roman Catholic community within Lillington, Cubbington and Offchurch. The parish of Our Lady's is now overseen by the parish of St. Peter Apostle in Leamington. Fr John is the parish priest at both Our Lady's church and at St Peter's. 

The beautiful church of Our Lady's, which is situated a short walk from school over in Lillington, was opened in 1963. Weekly mass is celebrated at church and the children often walk to the church, particularly in the summer, to celebrate mass or enjoy other worship opportunities.



The stained glass windows at Our Lady's church are truly spectacular and were designed by Dom Charles Norris. The mostly abstract design represents the central Christian themes - Creation, Incarnation and Grace. The very rich and vibrant colours make for a beautiful interior in the summer sunshine, and a beautiful exterior on dark winter nights when the windows are lit from within.