60th Anniversary of Our Lady and St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

60th Anniversary of Our Lady and St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Good morning everyone and a warm welcome to the Church of Our Lady here in Lillington, which as you can see is like a tabernacle filled with light from these beautiful stained-glass windows.

And light is most appropriate on this special day because we are here to celebrate 60 years since the opening of ‘Our Lady and St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School’ which is called a ‘Diamond Jubilee’.

 And as we all know……diamonds are renowned for the way they shine and amplify light- just as all those who have supported our school over the past 6 decades…. have given their service in the light of the Lord.

Now as your current headteacher of the school I am very proud that our school’s mission statement is founded on the word love.

Our motto is ‘Aspire, Achieve, Learn and Love as one family in Christ’.

And St Teresa herself once said ‘Do all that you do with love’.

And it is that continual light of love that has shone for 60 years here in our parish family that we celebrate today through this special mass.

So many people have contributed over the years to enable generating of children to aspire to their shining example.

Past headteachers, current and previous governors, staff old and new, parents and numerous PTA associations and, of course all the priests and lay people who have served this parish and given loyal and dedicated service.

So let us celebrate now with pride and with today’s generation of children, secure in the knowledge that we come from a tradition of love that shines its light for today’s children to become all that God wants them to be.